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The Dream of Writing in Solitude

This week, I began chapter three of my fourth, and final novel of the Blackbeard Mysteries. I began chapter two, two years ago. I started out great guns, then, I got stuck on a single, short sentence. One of my characters said something and I had no idea what he meant. I had a choice. […]

Visiting Lives Who Are Not

This post first appeared on September 20, 2010 who is to say a character is not alive because it didn’t arrive in the usual way once again my fragile body has taken me away from my books, research, school visits, letter answering, and blog entries and answers. thanks to my red pencil (editor Pierre;some of […]

Weeding the Garden

This post first appeared on February 28, 2010 when the words get in the way of a good story I recently spent two weeks on a chapter that I really liked. It had great dialogue, my favorite thing to write, good descriptions of Blackbeard’s ship, Ocracoke Island during the Civil War at Fort Hatteras, Fort […]

It’s my mess and I know where everything is

This entry first appeared on February 4, 2010 Research is my favorite part of writing, but boy can it get me waylaid. I’m doing most of my hard research now for the fourth Blackbeard book Blackbeard’s Legacy: Shared/Time. About a third of the book takes place on Aug. 28th, 1861, the day Fort Hatteras, Fort […]

Thank You Bloggers

What’s happening on the writing front Dear Lattice, You have no idea how excited I am about your blog entry. Being new at this, I’ve been waiting for someone to catch on and communicate. I’m especially excited about your response to the Blackbeard mysteries. Writing them is the most fun I have ever had. When […]

Hello Friends

This post first appeared on January 17, 2010 love hearing from you Dear #1. Thank you so much for reading my blog and writing to me. I’m very new at blogging and have to practice writing on it a lot more. If you want to write a letter to me you can send it to […]

Happy Thanksgiving

This post first appeared on November 18, 2009 I’m getting a new hip tomorrow, November 19th, so I won’t be hopping around for a while I want to wish every reader a Happy Thanksgiving. I will be healing for a while so I won’t be on line. As soon as I am well I will […]

Happy Halloween

This post first appeared on October 31, 2009 What a great time to be a character in a book Happy Halloween everyone. Today I am dressed and made up to be Mrs. Raccoon. I really am Chester Raccoon’s mom which is a very wonderful thing to be We’ve decided not to dress Charlie, our boxer; […]

The Beginning

This post first appeared on October 27, 2009 my brothers were my reason for writing My parents were so busy after school, they often couldn’t take time to hear what I had to say about school or my complaints about my two older brothers. So…., I discovered if I wrote down my complaints and what […]

Was, Would, Could

This post first appeared on October 25, 2009 I’ve discovered the words “was”, “would”, and “could” muck up a story I’ve discovered that I have run into a pattern of using the words was, would, and could when writing my novel. He was walking to the store. It would be better if he did it […]