Happy Halloween

This post first appeared on October 31, 2009

What a great time to be a character in a book

Happy Halloween everyone. Today I am dressed and made up to be Mrs. Raccoon. I really am Chester Raccoon’s mom which is a very wonderful thing to be

We’ve decided not to dress Charlie, our boxer; or Koko, half boxer half lab. When ever we try to pin them down and dress them up they shake it off. So they will help distribute the candy.

We keep our treats for the dogs in a lighthouse cookie jar. At least we did. A few years ago, my son left the top off the cookie jar and Koko carried the heavy base of the jar outside. She then helped herself to treats. But then our scotti Shadow who had a very big head as scotties do, put his head in the jar and couldn’t get it out After several tries, Shadow pulled and the cookie jar fell apart. Shadow was fine and both dogs had a feast.

That story will show up in a book someday, I’m sure.

I hope y’all are keeping diaries with stories of your own. That’s where books come from.