Happy Thanksgiving

This post first appeared on November 18, 2009

I’m getting a new hip tomorrow, November 19th, so I won’t be hopping around for a while

I want to wish every reader a Happy Thanksgiving. I will be healing for a while so I won’t be on line. As soon as I am well I will get back to my Blackbeard mystery #4 and another Chester Raccoon book.

Read a Thanksgiving book, or better yet, write one. Write about your day; who was there; what did you eat; was it good?

Then, if you have pets, watch them. They are the best resource for wonderful stories.

When I was nine, my mother set the table for Thanksgiving and turned her back. In just a moment our dog Friskie had the turkey on the floor and was chomping away. My mother used stuffing to put it back together again.

Talk with you soon, Audrey