Hello Friends

This post first appeared on January 17, 2010

love hearing from you

Dear #1. Thank you so much for reading my blog and writing to me. I’m very new at blogging and have to practice writing on it a lot more. If you want to write a letter to me you can send it to P.O.Box 1, Olney, MD. 20830. Where do you live? I’m so glad to hear about your dancing. I loved the feeling of being on my toes and moving to the most beautiful music. I also loved jazz dancing and did as much of that as I could. I look forward to hearing from you. Audrey

I’d also like to thank everyone who was kind and gracious enough to send me letters and pictures. They truly helped me to get well. I ask forgiveness for taking so long to answer these letters. It has taken me this long to feel well enough to write. Again, thank you everyone. I could not have gotten this strong this fast without you. Audrey

Chester Raccoon is doing very well. Although, he’s very afraid of rain storms. He’s also having a little trouble falling asleep during nap time. Mrs. Raccoon is working on helping him with these problems. Maybe you can help with suggestions.

Blackbeard is explaining time travel to Mrs. McNemmish. It’s fascinating.