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Working, Laughing, Excited

This entry first appeared on October 2, 2009 Back from Ocracoke Island with new stories and information needed for book four. Chester Raccoon and The Acorn Full of Memories is out as is CD for Chester Raccoon and The Big Bad Bully Blackbeard’s Legacy: Shared/Time is almost finished. First draft, that is. But. again, the […]

Recovering from more JRA related surgery, and back to writing

This entry first appeared July 22, 2009 New book, new CD, Blackbeard’s mystery takes the children to the Civil War. But how do they get back? What’s next for Chester Raccoon? Now that I’m back at writing and back in the world of Blackbeard’s mysteries, we find Stefanie, Daniel, Mark, and Billy caught in the […]

Chester Raccoon and Blackbeard welcome you to Audrey Penn’s Blog

This blog entry first appeared June 18, 2009 Welcome, thank you for your get well wishes, and Blackbeard’s mirror takes four kids to the Civil War. Dear friends, As this is my first entry on my first Blog, I’d like to say hello and welcome aboard. I am really excited about sharing with you what […]