Chester Raccoon and Blackbeard welcome you to Audrey Penn’s Blog

This blog entry first appeared June 18, 2009

Welcome, thank you for your get well wishes, and Blackbeard’s mirror takes four kids to the Civil War.

Dear friends,

As this is my first entry on my first Blog, I’d like to say hello and welcome aboard. I am really excited about sharing with you what I am working on, what’s new on the shelves, and hearing your comments and recommendations.
I’d also like to thank the many, many children and adults alike who sent me get well wishes and cards. Kids, the art work you sent was terrific and greatly appreciated. It’s the best medicine I’ve ever received.
Now, I will return to my new manuscript,Blackbeard’s Legacy: Shared/Time. Daniel Garrish, Stefanie Austin, Mark Tillet, and Billy O’Neal have peered into Blackbeard’s ancient mirror and saw a Civil War soldier in it’s reflection. What could Blackbeard and the Civil War possibly have in common?

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