Recovering from more JRA related surgery, and back to writing

This entry first appeared July 22, 2009

New book, new CD, Blackbeard’s mystery takes the children to the Civil War. But how do they get back? What’s next for Chester Raccoon?

Now that I’m back at writing and back in the world of Blackbeard’s mysteries, we find Stefanie, Daniel, Mark, and Billy caught in the world of the Civil War in 1861. There, they are introduced to the Underground Railroad and Mr. William Ellison. But Beacon becomes a threat. How they will return to their own time and why did they end up in the C.W. is a mystery with dangerous results.

For those who received the riddle and pencil, the questions remain. Why is a segment the greatest gift you have ever received? And why is it valued above rubies? There is still time to email your answer.

Chester Raccoon and The Acorn Full of Memories will be out soon. Everyone loses loved ones. Even Chester. He’s there to help you through.

Sometimes I feel like my characters create the story and I simply follow along with my computer and take notes.

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