Ms. Penn is a sought-after conference speaker for groups of teachers, librarians, education students, and other professionals who work with children. For more information regarding topics, availability, and fees, please contact Mr. Pierre Dery at

Ms. Penn will donate a selection of her books to the school’s library prior to her visit.

Ms. Penn will review how and why an age-appropriate selection of her books came to be written, what’s next, and why research, writing, and rewriting is so exciting. These talks are designed to fuel the child’s imagination and help them to create stories of their own. Includes the following 3 Sessions in one day:
Grades K-1:     35 minutes
Topic: The story behind the stories, presented with many visual aids, and a discussion of books-in-progress appropriate for their age. Question & Answer included in lecture.

Grades 2-3:     50 minutes
Topic: How stories originate, and the process of story development: research, illustration, and the use of “everyday” events in addition to the imagination.The Writer’s Curve is introduced and explained. Q&A

Grades 4-5:     90 minutes
Topic: Story origination and development, and how the Blackbeard mystery series came to be written. A more detailed treatment of The Writer’s Curve is included in the presentation for the fourth and fifth grade. Q&A

The Writer’s Curve: Ms. Penn has simplified her writing method to make it accessible to children. Like a writer’s web, it gives the child a structure for writing and helps take the fear out of creating, writing, and rewriting. For the second and third graders, she incorporates an introduction to The Writer’s Curve. For the fourth and fifth graders, it is an interactive presentation. Using the children’s own suggestions, Ms. Penn will lead them to create their own story and learn the process of writing, while emphasizing the purpose, techniques, and advantages of rewriting.

Topics: Story origination, imagination versus observation, and the use of dialogue both in story and in character development. These gatherings follow an interactive seminar format, and are designed to give the students practice in writing and to provide a “how-to” guide for rewriting their work.

Due to Ms. Penn’s disability, she is unable to sign large numbers of books during her school visit. Small numbers of books brought from home may be signed between lectures, or at her home or hotel overnight and picked up the next day. Ms. Penn prefers to be able to sign books or bookplates at her home and send them to school after her visit.

Photographs are permitted and encouraged during Ms. Penn’s visits. Video or digital recording are permitted only for in-school use, and only with prior approval from Ms. Penn. Recording of The Writer’s Curve is not permitted.

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